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A Legacy of Service

Jonathan is the founder and principal consultant at Zero Waste Pro. His career has spanned 17 years having started out in traditional supply chain management where he worked on process improvement and package-flow optimization at a UPS distribution center. It was through that experience that he learned the importance of developing proper job setup, standard operating procedures and setting baselines to measure and track outcomes, and minimize accidents and injuries. 

In 2013 Jonathan shifted his focus to the end of the supply chain, aka disposal. From that vantage point he used waste characterization and disposal data to assist his clients in making upstream changes to root out wasted materials and processes, leading to both direct and indirect saves. 

Jonathan is a subject-matter expert in California‚Äôs complex regulatory climate, having assisted waste haulers and municipalities set measurable goals to not only comply with but find the benefits from the proper and complete implementation of SB 1383, which regulates short-lived climate pollutants, such as methane gas generated from food and other organic wastes. 


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