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SB 1383 Compliance & Strategy

What We Can Do for Your Jurisdiction

SB 1383 Implementation Record & Compliance

Municipal Strategies

Zero Waste Pro offers SB 1383 Implementation Record & Compliance services, tailored to assist municipalities and waste haulers in navigating California's complex regulatory framework under SB 1383. With our expertise, we can ensure proper adherence to legal requirements but also promotes environmental stewardship within the community for long-term success.

Our Strategy:

1..Setup and maintain implementation record; develop written program descriptions for each aspect of the IR

2.vImplement data storage guidelines and procedures to meet record keeping requirements

3.vAssist with the implementation and administration of compliance software

4.vProcurement planning for recovered organic waste and paper products

We are here to help your jurisdiction maintain a thorough record of city data and help navigate the complex regulatory climate regarding waste management

Waste Evaluations & Route Reviews

What We Can Do for Your Jurisdiction

Waste Evaluations & Route Reviews

Municipal Analysis

Waste evaluations provide insight into a jurisdiction's waste generation, identify inefficiencies, and highlight areas of non-compliance in the community. These assessments are powerful tools that allow jurisdictions to effectively create tailored waste management strategies which not only fosters regulatory compliance, but also enhances credibility and communication between communities and legislators.

Our Strategy

1..Plan and implement route reviews (lid flips) and waste evaluations (waste sorts) that are representative of the typical generation of the service area(s).

2..Residential and commercial route reviews with online tracking and immediate customer feedback on minimizing container contaminants

3..Waste evaluations specific to hauler routes and streams, with a focus on identifying specific contaminants

4..CalRecycle 10-day studies, waste characterization for facility certification and effectiveness

Route Reviews

Our route review analyses are an essential component for municipalities and waste haulers in reaching compliance with waste regulations. We have expertise in comprehensive route reviews and lid flips, both residential and commercial, with a focus on minimizing contamination in waste streams. With the addition of online tracking, we ensure the most optimized data collection methodology and comprehensive feedback. This meticulous review process helps optimize collection routes and methods, which are crucial for meeting the state’s recycling and organic waste reduction targets.

Waste Evaluations

Our Waste Evaluations services play a pivotal role in helping clients meet regulatory compliance by accurately assessing and characterizing waste streams. Through targeted waste sorts and personalized evaluations, this service identifies particular contaminants that hinder recycling and composting efforts mandated by the state. Zero Waste Pro also conducts CalRecycle's 10-day studies and waste characterizations for facility certifications, providing essential data that inform effective waste management strategies. By pinpointing the challenges in the current waste handling processes, we can help refine community operations to meet California’s rigorous waste diversion and recycling requirements.

Inspections, Waivers, & Outreach

What We Can Do for Your Jurisdiction

Inspection, Waivers, & Outreach

Municipal Communication

Zero Waste Pro can assist clients with identifying waiver-eligible generators, perform waiver inspections, and make approval recommendations. Additionally, our team can target outreach and technical assistance for generators who are not participating in recycling and/or organics recycling programs. We believe that accurate waivers and exceptions are an integral part of the community's waste management strategy.

Our Strategy

1..Perform inspection and site visits at Food Recovery Organizations, Tiered Edible Food Generators, and Commercial Businesses

2..Assist commercial businesses implement and/or expand waste reduction, recycling, and edible food recovery programs

3..Verify requests for waivers and exemptions

Compliance depends on an open conversation between municipalities and the community


Comprehensive Inspections are crucial for clients needing to adhere to waste regulations. Our team conducts detailed site visits to Food Recovery Organizations, Tiered Edible Food Generators, and Commercial Businesses to ensure that these entities are in compliance with the state’s organic waste diversion goals. By facilitating these inspections, we can significantly alleviate the regulatory burden on both municipalities and businesses


Zero Waste Pro's Waivers and Outreach services help communities and businesses navigate the complexities of obtaining necessary exemptions and engaging with community stakeholders. Our expertise in regulatory standards allows us to guide clients who face unique circumstances through the process of acquiring Waivers and Exemptions.


Our outreach programs help municipalities implement and expand waste management strategies. We help cities in improving waste reduction, recycling, and edible food recovery programs through targeted outreach efforts. This proactive approach in educating and involving various stakeholders directly increases public awareness with waste regulations and state sustainability efforts.

Training, Content & Marketing

What We Can Do for Your Jurisdiction

Training, Content, & Marketing

Media Services

Zero Waste Pro offers comprehensive training programs on behalf of cities and waste haulers to increase compliance with waste regulations. Through educating employees and tenants on proper waste sorting, contamination minimization, and organics recycling, our team can develop site-specific content and marketing materials, including customized fliers, signage, and social media content. With the addition of standardized color-coded bins and maintaining updated, multilingual instructions, we help our clients' customers manage their waste steams efficiently, reduce environmental impact, and avoid potential penalties.

Our Strategy

1..Setup Social Media accounts and profiles create and run campaigns, monitor direct messages and comments, and results

2..Create various collateral including: flyers, brochures, recycling signage, OOPS tags, and infographics

3..Write hauler newsletters

Our Media Portfolio


Zero Waste Pro offers comprehensive training services designed to empower clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet SB 1383 compliance requirements. Our training is tailored to educate staff on the latest regulations, proper waste sorting practices, and strategies for reducing contamination in organic and recycling streams. By building a well-informed team, Zero Waste Pro helps clients foster a culture of sustainability that aligns with sustainability goals.

Marketing & Content

Our team excels in content creation and marketing services which provide valuable resources that support clients' outreach and education efforts. We produce a variety of engagement materials such as flyers, brochures, recycling signage, oops tags, and infographics, all designed to enhance public understanding and participation in waste reduction initiatives. We also take care of social media account setup, campaign creation, and management, ensuring that messages about waste management best practices reach a wide audience

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