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SB 1383 Compliance & Strategy

What We Can Do for Your Business

SB 1383 Compliance & Strategy

Business Strategies

Our SB 1383 Compliance & Strategy service provides businesses with comprehensive solutions to meet California’s strict organic waste and recycling mandates. We assess compliance with state and local laws, optimize waste hauling services, and implement effective recycling, organic recycling, and edible food recovery programs. Our strategies are designed to help businesses reduce waste, meet regulatory requirements, and promote sustainability.

Our Strategy:

1..Asses compliance with state and local laws including Mandatory Organics Recycling

2..Right sizing & optimization of waste hauling services

3..Implementation of recycling, organic recycling, & edible food recovery programs

4..Energy Star portfolio manager benchmarking

Waste Characterizations

What We Can Do for Your Business

Waste Characterizations

Business Analysis

Waste Characterizations are a great way to take a deep dive into your waste stream to uncover what's really happening while also auditing your complete supply chain from the point of disposal. By physically hand-sorting samples of waste, recycling, and organics, we identify specific opportunities to reduce waste and increase participation in recycling and organics recycling programs. Waste characterizations help identify commonly missorted materials into recycling and organics recycling streams, reducing contamination. Sorting helps businesses understand the amount of recoverable materials in the landfill stream, as well as the amount of landfill materials contaminating recycling and organics recycling streams. Data gathered is invaluable feedback that can be used to identify common contaminants, provide feedback to employees, customers, and tenants to improve waste sorting practices, and for right-sizing hauling services to ensure that businesses are not overpaying for underutilized services.

Our Strategy

1..Physically hand-sort samples of waste, recycling, and organics that are representative of a typical day's generation of waste

  1. Identify upstream and downstream opportunities to improve participation in existing programs and provide justification of expanding programs

3..Quantify by weight and volume the correct service levels for waste, recycling and organics recycling programs

4..Provide photos, charts, and data that visually and statistically represent the contents of your waste stream

LEED & TRUE Zero Waste Sorts

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) zero waste sorts are essential practices for businesses aiming to achieve high standards in sustainability and zero waste. Performing a waste sort annually is a requirement of maintaining LEED certification under the Materials and Resources credit (MRc6) for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EBOM). It involves a detailed analysis of each material stream to identify opportunities for waste reduction, recycling, and composting. Similarly, TRUE zero waste sorts focus on identifying each specific type of material disposed of to target opportunities to increase diversion from landfills. Even without certification, these sorts provide valuable insights into waste generation patterns, identify common contaminants, and lead to increased diversion efforts. By implementing the findings from these sorts, businesses can improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. Achieving LEED and TRUE certifications not only bolsters a company’s reputation but also aligns with regulatory requirements and promotes a culture of sustainability within the organization.

Recycling & Organics Implementation

What We Can Do for Your Business

Recycling & Organics Implementation

Business Integration

Our Recycling & Organics Implementation service assists businesses in establishing and enhancing waste reduction, recycling, and edible food recovery programs. We provide comprehensive support that includes conducting inspections and site visits, verifying waivers when necessary, and offering specialized training. By focusing on right-sizing hauling services and improving waste management practices, we help businesses comply with regulatory requirements while promoting sustainability and operational efficiency.

Our Strategy

1..Perform Inspections and Site Visits: Conduct thorough inspections at institutional generators and commercial businesses to ensure compliance with regulations and identify areas for improvement.

2..Implement and Expand Programs: Assist businesses in implementing and expanding waste reduction, recycling, and edible food recovery programs tailored to their specific needs.

3..Right-Size Hauling Services: Optimize waste hauling services to match the actual needs of the business, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

4..Provide Training: Develop comprehensive training programs for employees, tenants or residents to ensure proper waste sorting, contamination prevention, and understanding of the importance of recycling and organics programs

Compliance depends on an open conversation between business partners and the community

TRUE Certification

What We Can Do for Your Business

TRUE Certification

Certification Services

Our TRUE Certification service helps businesses achieve and maintain certification for zero waste practices. We guide you through the entire certification process, from eligibility assessment and pre-certification planning to acting as a liaison during the US Green Building Council's site visits. We also assist with recertification and ongoing maintenance, ensuring continuous compliance and improvement. The certification process takes a deep dive into your business's entire supply chain leading to both direct and indirect cost and operational savings. Like LEED, TRUE certification is administered through the US Green Building Council and is recognized around the world.

Our Strategy

1..Asses TRUE Certification eligibility and expectations

2..Assist with pre-certification and certification including planning, application, and review of 81 point checklist

3.. Act as a liaison and provide onsite support during US Green Building Council's certification site visit.

4.. Recertification and ongoing maintenance

5..Calculate Diversion Data

What is TRUE Certification?

TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Certification recognizes businesses that achieve zero waste goals. It requires adherence to a stringent set of standards aimed at maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing waste.

How Can TRUE Certification Help Your Business

TRUE Certification helps businesses improve their waste management practices, enhance sustainability, and gain recognition for their environmental efforts. It supports cost savings, resource efficiency, and compliance with state and local regulations.

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